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Festival make up tips and ideas

A rave girl makeup usually requires: eye-shadows, glitter, highlighter, face gems, face paint.

You can use one option or all of them in the same look. The greatest thing about festival make up is that it simply can't be too much. 

In this post we have collected the best rave & music festival makeup looks for you. 

Cute Rave Makeup

cute rave makeup

gold glitter face makeup

gold glitter face makeup

makeup looks for festivals

Simple rave makeup can be performed with famous golden metallic tattoos. Easy and spectacular!

Absolutely fantastic combination of eye-shadows, glitter, face paint and gems in one festival eyeshadow look.

blue festival makeup

Blue festival makeup we fell in love with.

Festival glitter looks can be completed with glitter on chest or around accessories.

burning man makeup ideas

Perfect face jewelry look.

WitchWhich collected all necessary supply of rave cosmetics in our beauty collection.  

Bring your makeup supply with you. One of the greatest gifts to your campmates and friends at a festival can be face paint or makeup. 

glitter table makeup station

We hope you have tons of fun creating your own new festival makeup looks. Please, share your pictures with us, we are so curious!

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