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Festival Attire. Part 2. Night Out.

What to wear to a music/art festival? We have created a Guide to festival attire for the daytime. You can find it here. This blog post is about Night time out. Let's go!

1) Warm coat

Hot day at a festival can easily turn into cold night. Prepare a fuzzy coat to keep yourself warm. The coat should be both comfortable and fancy. 

Here is a tip: get a coat with LED built into it. It will light you up at night. You can also attach a string of light to you coat. 


2) Leggings or Pants

Keep your legs warm and comfortable with leggings. There are cute, sexy, punk, psychedelic print leggings. Choose according to your mood!

3) Shoes

Festival shoes must be comfortable before anything else...and eye-catching of course.


4) Hats.Hats.Hats. 

Headpiece makes the look. At night you might want to wear something warm and snuggly or sexy and hot. 



5) Bag or backpack. 

Festival nights may last until dawn therefore taking a big bag with water, snacks and layers of warm stuff is a good idea. Put you water bottle or camel bag in a 

shiny rucksack to look fabulous even in the darkness. We recommend extremely trendy holographic galaxy backpack. Et viola!




And lights! You want to have some lights on you to be noticed by people and art cars. You can use LED string lights or cute blinky jewelry.  

We hope you liked our tips & tricks. Please, share your ideas for night festival looks in the comments. 


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