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Festival Attire Guide. Part 1. Day Outfits.

Hey, hey! The festival season is almost here! Are you ready for it? Have you thought of your alter egos? Which one would you like to let shine this summer? Maybe you have a few?

WitchWhich has prepared a guide for you to make sure you have the right fashion gear for the alternative festival reality. We want you to feel attractive and comfortable while experiencing the universe of music and connection.

The temperature at festivals during days and nights may vary a great deal. This means you’ll need a different set of outfits. We’ll start with the heat and sunlight. Let's go!

Day Outfits

The days at festivals can be hot and brutal. Here is a list of items that will make you feels chilled and sexy. 

1) Bikini

This is a must-have item. You can dance in it, swim in it, sunbathe in it. Any bikini will shine in a new festival light with tons of glitter and crazy accessories. Just experiment!

2) Lingerie Bodysuit

Same function as bikini only with a more tempting feeling to it. You will feel like a Goddess and look like one too!

3) Long transparent skirt

Long skirt is a sexy garment. Instantly brings all that femininity out. Half naked half not. 

4) Pareo 

Trust us you’ll need this thing. When the heat is overwhelming just put your piece of cloth in cold water. Then spread it over your head or body and you’ll instantly feel cool and refreshed like you’ve just taken a swim in a lake.

5) Hats & Caps

A sun stroke at the festival is not a good idea.

Apart from its utility a hat can become the underlining piece of your costume. It can create a whole image or be the first building block of your personality for the day. 

6) Shorts

Jeans, linen, silk or other fabric, shorts are amazing for festivals. If you don’t know what to wear just combine your favorite shorts and bikini. Simple, comfortable and sexy.

7) Robes

After a few days at the festival it becomes your home. Why not using your favorite home wear then? Maybe a silky robe with lace? 

8) Kimonos

This is our favorite piece. We believe in Japanese wisdom. Not too hot not too cold is what a good kimono is. Perfect outfit for a lazy morning coffee at the festival bar. Decorate with strange sunglasses and thick platform shoes. Oh, yes, and the kimono can be modern style with cool prints. 


9) Mesh dresses

A mesh dress with your bikini set will make an excellent day look.

So this is our list. What do you think? Have we forgotten anything? Share your favorite day outfits solutions in the comments!


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