Fashion Psychology: Understanding yourself and communicating with the world

Even if you say you're not interested in fashion, you probably interact with it anyway. Fashion is everywhere. What you choose to wear, or not to wear, has become a statement. You don't buy clothes; you buy an identity. 

Fashion is all about the alter ego; who do I want to be today. It is that moment in front of the wardrobe, the mental picture of the occasion and mood, which makes a woman, reach into her feelings and choose the garment that will define her personality for that day.

We consider some clothes to be powerful, some to be fun, and so on. We evaluate people whom we have just met based on their clothes and the occasion. It would seem that we also evaluate ourselves and our roles based on what we are wearing at a particular time; because of the way they make you feel. This means that the experience of wearing something subtly affects our attitudes and our choice of behavior.

Wearing power clothing makes us more feel more confident [possibly because we call it power clothing]; and even increases hormones needed for displaying dominance. This in turn helps us become better negotiators and abstract thinkers.

While our mental state most definitely affects the way we dress; the reverse may also hold true. What we wear could affect how we cope days when we are depressed, anxious and stressed. Sometimes the easiest way to fix a bad day is to wear bright clothes. Cheerful colors work as a mini pick-me-up boosting our energy. Also, we associate bright colors with happiness and sunny days.

So the next time you feel like donning a dark hoodie to hide a bad day; reach out for the bright pullover instead! It may just make you feel a little happier.

Even our underwear affects the way we feel about ourselves. The clothes that nobody sees like our socks and underwear can exert a powerful influence on our self-perception. Wearing something we perceive as sexy can make us feel more self assured, more powerful and more confident.

Only you know what to wear and how to make yourself happy. Chose garments for yourself with love. 

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